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Process Automation with Zapier

Kelly Greene Elrod
November 24, 2019 0 Comment

It’s Tech Tools Tuesday! Let’s talk about process automation. Who doesn’t want to outsource or automate important busy work? I know this girl does! As a small business owner, I wear a lot of hats and some of those hats I don’t really love. Admin work is probably the hat I love the least, so any tool that helps alleviate some of those responsibilities from my plate, I’m all about!

I remember when I discovered “rules” in Outlook. Life changing, right? (Ps. If you haven’t set up email rules in Outlook, go do it now!) Well, my friends, I’ve stumbled upon another game changer…Zapier. Zapier!!! Do you hear the angel choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus? Zapier is like Outlook rules between two completely different apps.

How Zapier Works

For example, let’s say you want every attendee’s email from your Eventbrite account to appear in your MailChimp account. No problem. Zapier will just Zap it over there. Seriously…that simple. Before Zapier, I had an admin “to do” list a mile long. Now that list is only a quarter-mile long!

Here is a fantastic article from Process Street’s blog (another tech tool to mention) about process automation with Zapier. ( This article does a great job breaking down the functions of Zapier.

I’m currently in Zap heaven over here. I’m adding Zaps to everything I can. Heck, you’ll probably get an email from me as a result of a Zap. I suggest you start Zapping, too!

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