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Wire fraud can happen to you!

Kelly Greene Elrod
October 2, 2019 0 Comment

Folks…wire fraud is real. So real. Just because you don’t know of anyone who has been a victim of wire fraud doesn’t mean it isn’t happening all around you. These hackers, scammers, thieves, doers-of-evil (whatever terrible name you want to call them) are out there lurking around in cyberspace waiting to take your money! Take a minute a read this article from Forbes on how this journalist was almost scammed out of $60,000.

So what are we doing to prevent you from being scammed out of thousands? Easy. VERBAL WIRE INSTRUCTIONS.
We will NEVER email you with wire instructions if we haven’t spoken to you via phone and given you our wire instructions VERBALLY!
We will NEVER email you changing our wire instructions…NEVER.

If you need to wire us funds for closing:
Call our office at 615-567-5191 and ask for our wire instructions.
We will give them to you VERBALLY and then send you an email confirming our VERBAL instructions.

When in doubt…just call.