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Amazing Books & Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Read & Hear

Kelly Greene Elrod
October 2, 2019 0 Comment

Recently, I was asked what books I’ve read and podcasts I subscribe to for business development. Here is a list that is not only amazing, but important for every entrepreneur to know about! I will add to this blog with new must-haves every so often. When I do, I’ll send out a blog update so you can check out the latest and greatest!


Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. Guys! Girls! Cats! Dogs! This is a MUST read. Did you hear me? THIS IS A MUST READ! This is one of those books that throw out such simple logic, but you are completely blown away that you’ve never thought of it! Seriously insane. Spoiler alert…the title gives it all away. It’s about taking your profit first. What!?! Mind. Blown. Go get the book. Now! You can purchase from Amazon here or check out his website Lots of freebies and great info on the website!

Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller. Oh Lord sweet Jesus, this is a PHENOMENAL book! Seriously rev-o-lu-tion-a-ry! (sp? 😉) Before I get into the meat…folks…the author is a middle Tennessee boy so, #1…let’s support local! Go buy this book! Ok the meat, even if Don Miller wasn’t located right here in the land of allergies, I would beg you to borrow money from your 14 year old and buy this book! Building A StoryBrand is a step-by-step guide to SUCCESSFUL marketing. It’s actually been proven and defended through a PhD dissertation by one of StoryBrand’s execs. The very short of the book is that to have a successful marketing strategy, you have to tell a story in which YOU (yes, you entrepreneur) are the GUIDE and not the HERO. What!?! I know you are thinking, but I AM the hero. Of course you are…and so are your clients. Get it??? We are ALL the hero in our own story. Take your marketing to the next level and learn how to be the GUIDE. Buy this book here at Amazon or check out StoryBrand’s website

Strengthen Your Business by Robert Thomas Bethel. I first heard about Bob Bethel on The Entrepreneurship Elevated Podcast. He sounded super old-school, and I LOVED it! This man has rescued over 77 businesses and made them all PROFITABLE. Like, crazy profitable. Bob Bethel’s wealth of experience is only slightly diminished by the wealth in his bank accounts. BUT you want to learn from him because he hit rock bottom once in his life and built it all back up from nothing. Truly inspiring and an absolute must read! Strengthen Your Business is an easy read and gives you super practical do’s and don’ts when running your own business. You can buy this book at Amazon here.

Clockwork: Design Your Business To Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz, again. I mean, when you’re good you’re good… and ole Mikey Michalowicz is good, my friends. So now you are profitable (Profit First), you’ve got an amazing marketing strategy (Building A StoryBrand), you have practical knowledge to drive your numbers (Strengthen Your Business) and now it’s time to streamline, automate and turn your business into an efficiency machine so you aren’t stuck at the office 24/7. My friends, I introduce you to…Clockwork! This book will help you streamline your business so that you can take a 4 WEEK VACATION! Yes, you read that correctly…4 FREAKING WEEK VACAY! Can I get an AMEN!?! Buy this book here.

Ok, ok, enough with Mike Michalowicz… I get it, but… just read one more of his books. The Pumpkin Plan is really good. Long story short, cut off the troublesome, less-promise-showing little pumpkins and put all of your efforts into one big mama pumpkin. Huh? A little confused? A little scared? Maybe a lot of both? Good…buy the book and see what I’m talking about. I’ve been pumpkin planning my business lately, so if you’re one of the client’s I’ve booted on out the door…blame Mike. 😊 Ps…you can buy this book on Amazon here.


Mike Michalowicz has a companion podcast to Profit First called The Entrepreneurship Elevated Podcast. Mike and crew (Kelsey & J) interview a new and interesting guest each week. Very entertaining, really funny and absolutely educational.

Don Miller has a companion podcast to Building A StoryBrand called Building A Story Brand. Very clever with that title, right? LOL! That’s part of StoryBrand’s message…just say what you do. Their taglines are “If you confuse, you’ll lose,” “Noise is the enemy,” and “Creating a clear message is the best way to grow your business.” Don and his cohort, Dr. JJ Peterson (see PhD dissertation comment above) are a fantastic duo. Their show is jam packed with not only practical, but psychological insights helpful for growing your business…and sometimes even growing as a person. Stellar.

Good ole Mikey has a companion podcast to Clockwork too! Run Like Clockwork podcast is 97% hosted by Mike’s partner, Adrienne Dorison. Adrienne is a no-nonsense alternative to Mike’s all-nonsense personality. She’s exactly who you want teaching you to steer your ship efficiently. She also leads a Clockwork accelerator, which I have just began and am sooooooo excited! I’m sure I’ll be posting more on this little gem later in the year.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield is another fantastic podcast. I’m a new listener to this show, but already loving Amy’s easy going style with step-by-step instructions to her process. She’s the how-to queen of creating digital courses. But even if you aren’t creating digital courses, her email list-building strategies are ON POINT, and in this day…every business needs an email list!